OS & Y Gate Valves

1-OS&Y Gate Valves are a manually operated, are UL Listed and FM Approved, outside screw & yoke resilient wedge gate valve designed for use in fire protection systems for on/off operation only, have the highest rated pressure in the industry at 300psi , Class 150 , are manufactured to American Waterworks Standard AWWA C515 / BS5163, Valves are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation, Available in Flange x Flange, The EPDM encapsulated ductile iron wedge with a compression mechanism is designed to achieve water tight sealing and low torque operation (2”-12”)

1.1-Gate valve OS&Y with 300 psi working pressure, Class 150, flanged ends, UL listed & FM approved complete with all fittings



Material Specification:

Description Material
Body Ductile Iron
Wedge Ductile Iron EPDM Coated
Wedge Nut Stainless Steel
Stem Stainless Steel
Bonnet Ductile Iron
Gasket EPDM
Packing Graphite
Stem Nut Bronze
Hand wheel Ductile Iron