Vertical suction fire pumps

End Suction Fire Pumps are engineered to last long with a precision cast, dynamically balanced and enclosed impeller that minimizes the vibration and maximizes bearing life. Due to its back-pull-out design, the complete bearing assembly including impeller and casing cover can be dismantled without removing the volute casing from the pipe system. It can be driven by either an electric motor (50Hz / 60Hz) or diesel engine with a full range of options and accessories available to complete the NFPA-compliant fire pump. Heavy fabricated steel base is available to mount the pump and driver along with flexible coupling connects driver to pump. End Suction Fire Pumps are ideal when the source of water is located above the ground as it provides a positive suction pressure to the pump throughout the performance point. Horizontal End suction fire pumps are available for wide range of applications in different materials of construction.



  • Flow ranges from 50 GPM up to 1000 GPM
  • Pressure ratings from 80 psi up to 309 psi


  • Underwriter Laboratories (UL) – 448
  • Factory Mutual (FM) – 1319
  • NFPA 20


  1. PUMP CASING: Rugged heavy duty, integrally cast supports, volute type, centerline discharge and self-venting. O-ring seals between pump casing and casing cover to avoid any leakage.
  2. CASING WEAR RING: Standard enclosed impellers are designed with integral renewable casing wear rings to reduce end thrust.
  3. IMPELLER: End suction type, enclosed, dynamically balanced prior to the assembly. Impellers designed with back rings to minimize axial thrust. Impellers are firmly keyed and locked to an accurately finished oversized shaft to absorb all shock loads.
  4. BEARING HOUSING: Heavy-duty cast bearing housing designed to accommodate bearings and supports the rotor assembly. Both the inboard and outboard bearings are protected by seals to keep contaminants out of bearing and provisions for filling grease.
  5. LANTERN RING: Perforated hollow ring made of corrosion resistant material designed to allow flow of cooling water uniformly around the shaft to provide lubrication and cooling.
  6. GLAND PACKING: Graphite packing rings selected to offer maximum tightness while allowing smooth and friction free running of the shaft.
  7. CASING COVER: Casing cover with integral stuffing box designed for maximum working pressure. Stuffing box sized to house five rings of packing along with lantern ring.


  1. SHAFT SLEEVE: Centrifugally cast renewable shaft sleeves protect the shaft from corrosion, packing wear and are sealed to prevent leakage. Sleeves are accurately positioned and locked in place.
  2. BEARING: Grease lubricated steel bearings are selected to carry loads while offering very high operating life.
  3. SHAFT: Made of high strength alloy steel accurately machined and polished to a smooth surface. Sized with a liberal safety factor to transmit full driver horsepower while offering minimum deflection in full range operation.