Horizontal split case fire pumps

Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are rugged, heavy-duty construction coupledwithsuperiordesignfeaturesmakethistypeofpumpsveryreliable and higher efficiency while requiring low maintenance. Fully enclosed doublesuction impellerspractically eliminate axial thrust while radial load is equally shared by the bearings located at each end of the shaft . The simplicity of design allows service without disturbing piping at site .It can be driven by either ran electric motor(50Hz/60Hz)or a  diesel engine with a full range of options and accessories available to comply NFPA standard requirements  .Heavy fabricated steel base plates are used to mount the pump and driver along with flexible coupling which connects driver to pump .Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps are ideal when the source of water is located above the ground as it provides a positive suction pressure to the pump throughout the performance point . Horizontal split case fire pumps are available for a wide range of applications in different materials of construction.



  • Flow ranges from 300 GPM up to 5000 GPM
  • Pressure ratings from 81 psi up to 345 psi


  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)–448
  • Factory Mutual(FM)–1311 •NFPA20


  1. PUMP CASING: Rugged heavy duty, volute type, compact casing split horizontally along the centerline of the shaft. Supporting feet integrally cast with flanged suction and discharge connections located in the lower half casing allows inspection and maintenance without disturbing piping.
  2. STUFFING BOX: Designed to accommodate a minimum of five packing rings with a lantern ring. Provided with internal passages to allow water for cooling and lubrication.
  3. IMPELLER: Double suction, fully enclosed, cast in one piece, dynamically balanced prior to the assembly. Impellers are firmly keyed and locked to the shaft.


  1. BEARING HOUSING: Rigid bearing housings provided with grease inlets and drains and protected by seals to keep contaminants out of bearings. Designed to allow bearing to be replaced without disturbing any other part of the rotating assembly.
  2. BEARING: Grease lubricated steel bearings maintains impeller in their central position. Bearings are selected to offer very high operating life.
  3. SHAFT SLEEVE: Centrifugally cast renewable stainless steel-shaft sleeves that are accurately positioned, sealed and locked in place protects the shaft against packing wear, corrosion and leakage.
  4. GLAND PACKING: Graphite packing rings selected to offer maximum tightness while allowing smooth and friction free running of the shaft.
  5. LANTERN RING: Perforated hollow ring made of corrosion resistant material designed to allow flow of cooling water uniformly around the shaft to provide lubrication and cooling.
  6. SHAFT: Made of high strength alloy steel, accurately machined and polished to a smooth surface. Sized with a liberal safety factor to transmit full driver horsepower while offering minimum deflection in full range operation.
  7. CASING WEAR RING: Renewable casing wear ring sized to minimize pressure leakage from discharge toward suction.